Pemprov Babel - PT Wika develops electric vehicles at SMK

gesits hadir di babel

Pangkalpinang (ANTARA) - The Provincial Government of Bangka Belitung Islands is working with PT Wijaya Karya (Wika) Manufacturing Industry to develop and utilize electric vehicles in vocational high schools (SMK) to optimize vocational education in the area.

"This cooperation is an effort by the government to create reliable and ready-to-work human resources for vocational school graduates," said Deputy Governor of Babel Islands Abdul Fatah after signing the MoU on cooperation with PT Wika in the vocational education sector in Pangkalpinang, Wednesday.

He said that the signing of the MoU certainly gave encouragement to improve the quality of students, so that by the time they graduated from SMK, they already had useful knowledge and had more abilities.

"Learning is not just sheets of paper, but implementation. Hopefully this will become a development in the world of education, especially vocational high schools, "he said.

PT Wika's Director of Finance and Marketing, Mohammad Samyarto said that the vocational program is an obligation of the company in accordance with the 2019 government regulations. In return, the government provides incentives for companies implementing this vocational program.

"From this collaboration, we hope that the community, especially vocational schools, can understand that this electric motor works. We have prepared the curriculum, so our students at SMK are getting ready with electric vehicles, ”he said.

According to him, currently PT Wika has produced electric vehicles in the form of motorbikes which are named "Gesits" and have been certified to go to national motorbikes.

"This electric motorbike is the work of our nation that we can be proud of, we have commercialized it and it is possible that we will open a factory or plan in this area," he said.


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