To charge 1 full battery unit takes 3 to 4 hours from 0% to full.

The maximum distance that the vehicle can cover in one full battery charge is approximately 50 km.
Mileage results will vary for each rider depending on the speed, acceleration, number of vehicle stops, air temperature, changes in road elevation (descent / incline), tire pressure and the load carried by the vehicle.

What is the minimum installed electric power capacity in the house to meet battery charging?

GESITS Motor Components that are provided with a warranty such as BLDC, Display Motor, Controller warranty for 1 year and battery for 2 years.

For the first 6 months or after 1,000 Km, the GESITS motorbike needs to be periodically serviced then once every 6 months or every multiple of 6,000 Km, periodic service needs to be done. For components that require maintenance such as Brake Fluid, Front Brake, Rear Brake, Tires, Transition Belt, Wheel Bearings, Steering Bearings, Frame Bolt Tightening, Front Wheel Fork, Motor Drive

GESITS motor will not short because DC Engine already equipped with technology IP 55 dust and normal liquid spray resistant.

Helmet, Warranty Book, Manual Book, 1 battery unit and 1 Personal Charger Unit.

The charging system in the PLN SPLU uses a token voucher that can be purchased through PLN.

After sales service that is owned by GESITS in collaboration with Mr. Montir with the Home Service / Service On The Spot method and will be expanded by Oil Mart Pertamina.

BBNKB specifically for electric-based motor vehicles, the tariff is 0 - 3.75%.